I have always had an interest in art and design from an early age. As a furniture designer I have more scope for my art, allowing expression within this area to bring together harmony between the design and its environment.
Within my work I enjoy the purity of colour, of line, balancing the relationship of one colour to the next, while also balancing the overall design, line, form, adjusting technique according to the feeling I am pursuing.In the last 16 years since I began to exhibit my work, the entirety of my artworks consists of 3 seria which I am developing : Urban birds, Shadows and Fairy forest. I have been part of many mixed exhibitions and solo shows in Macedonia, Italy, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Spain, Sweden and Wales-UK .
In the opus of my work, in addition to painting, I would list a series of handmade greeting cards for every occasion, small and large table lamps, club tables, stone drawing and many other little things that contribute to beautifying the home.


next exhibitions :
2024-mixed exhibition ”Nude”, Petrovac, Montenegro
2024-solo exhibition ”Fairy Forest”
2024-solo exhibition ”Shadows”
past exhibition:
2023-solo exhibition ( preview) ”Fairy Forest”, Li café, Skopje, Macedonia
2022- mixed exhibition from community Karposh  -Concept 37, Skopje, Macedonia
2021- graphic Triennale Bitola, Macedonia
2021- solo exhibition ”Urban birds” seria  -Concept 37, Skopje, Macedonia
2020-online mixed exhibition “landscape”- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2020- mixed exhibition, Art HUB, Skopje , Macedonia
2019-online mixed exibition “landscape”- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2019 – mixed exhibition-Chalet della villa comunale Trani,Italy
2019- solo exhibition – ” Urban Birds ” Li cafe -Skopje,Macedonia
2019- ” Ars Eria “21×10 miniature ,mixed exhibition -Zamora, Spain
2019- 15th De niro colony- simposium and mixed exhibition- Bitola, Macedonia
2019- 23 th Buljarica art – simposium and mixed exibition- Petrovac, Montenegro
2018 – International Watercolor Biennale-Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
2018- “Let there be light” – joint exhibition with Vernon W Jones-,,Orpheus gallery” Plovdiv,Bulgaria
2018-miniature -mixed exhibition -Malme ,Sweden
2018-mixed exhibition ,,Katic”- Petrovac, Montenegro
2018- solo exhibition – “Arsensum”, Trani,Italy
2018- ” NUDE ” – IV biennale akta -galerija ,, M.Gregoric ,, Petrovac,Montenegro
2018- ” Urban birds ” -joint exhibition with Vernon W Jones- galerija ,, M.Gregoric ,, Petrovac,Montenegro
2018- ” Urban birds ” -joint exhibition with Vernon W Jones-Kulturni Centar N. Djurkovic ,Kotor,Montenegro
2018- solo exhibition ”Urban birds” -Concept 37, Skopje,Macedonia
2018- mixed exhibition,Urbinoinaquaerello festival – Urbino,Italy
2017-mixed exhibition,Paratissima – Torino , Italy
2017-mixed exhibition – art happening – municipality of Karpos-Skopje
2017 – mixed exhibition 8th Watercolor Symposium Karposh-Skopje
2017-mixed exhibition,19th International Print Biennial Varna – Bulgaria
2017- solo exhibition ”Urban birds” – ‘ Make Art ‘-Bisceglie , Italy
2017- mixed exhibition ” Paratissima 4 ” Skopje
2017- mixed exhibition ” Urban birds ” – Picton castle -Wales,UK
2017- ” Urban birds ” -joint exhibition with Vernon W Jones-,,Orpheus gallery” Plovdiv,Bulgaria
2016-Buljarica art -mixed exhibition,Petrovac,Montenegro
2016-mixed exhibition-art happening-municipality of Karpos -Skopje
2016-mixed exhibition 7th Watercolor Symposium Karpos-Skopje
2016- solo exhibition – ” Urban Birds ” – Concept 37 – Skopje,Mk
2016-mixed exhibition – municipality of Karpos -Skopje,Mk
2015- mixed exhibition ” Artigianato natalizio all’Arsensum ” -Trani,Italy
2015-solo exhibition at café Li ” Shadows “- Skopje,Macedonia
2015 – 18th International Print Biennial Varna – Bulgaria
2015 – mixed exhibition-Chalet della villa comunale Trani,Italy
2015- solo exhibition ” Di che colore è il tuo tempo ?  ” Arsensum-Trani,Italy
2015-collettiva di pittura -Arsensum,Trani-Italy
2014-mixed exhibition V-th Watercolor Symposium Karpos-Skopje
2014-mixed exhibition-art happening-municipality of Karpos -Skopje
2014-solo exhibition at Concept 37 -Skopje,Macedonia- ,,Urban Birds ,,
2014-solo exhibition at café Li – ,,Egg media & Shadows,, Skopje,Macedonia
2014-veligdenska izlozba (opstina Karpos) -Kinoteka na Makedonija -Skopje,Macedonia
2014-“The Gate”-mixed exhibition ,Two Blooms for a Penny and Sense -Cardiff,Wales,UK
2013- “The Gate” -6 Artists 6 Visions-mixed exhibition ,Cardiff,Wales,UK
2013- art happening,municipality of Karpos-Skopje,Macedonia
2013- De Niro art colony mixed exhibition ,Bitola,Macedonia
2012- art happening,municipality of Karpos-Skopje,Macedonia
2012- 7th grafic trienale,mixed exhibition- Bitola,Macedonia
2012-De niro mixed exhibition-Petrovac,Montenegro
2011-handmade paper course ,mixed exhibition-NUB St.K. Ohridski- Skopje,Macedonia(second exhibition)
2011- art happening,municipality of Karpos-Skopje,Macedonia
2011-solo exhibition at café Li -Skopje,Macedonia-,,Coffe break…ili taka nekako ,,
2011- mixed exhibition Pohizek-Zagreb,Croatia
2011-handmade paper course,mixed exhibition-NUB St.K. Ohridski-Skopje,Macedonia (first exhibition)
2010-art happening, municipality of Karpos -Skopje,Macedonia
2010- De Niro art colony mixed exhibition ,Bitola,Macedonia
2010-art colony Pohizek,mixed exhibition-Rab,Croatia
2009-mixed exhibition at kinoteka-Skopje,Macedonia
2009- De Niro art colony mixed exhibition ,Bitola,Macedonia
2008-Buljarica art,12 savez,mixed exhibition,Petrovac,Montenegro
2008-De Niro art colony mixed exhibition ,Bitola,Macedonia